Specialist Fabrications in Lancashire

Specialist Fabrications is a business with many facets, but in short – if it can be made with metal we can probably make it. If you were to try and compartmentalise our business, it would be split up into:

Gates & Railings – As well as manufacturing to specification we also offer a comprehensive refurbishment service. Below the surface decay, these beautiful pieces of ironworks can often be rescued at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Trailers – We manufacture chassis for all types of trailers including box trailers, exhibition trailers & catering trailers. You should always look underneath the chassis if you're buying second hand and see if it's straight, a lot of second hand trailers have been overloaded and the chassis gets bent. Because we are specialised if you want a chassis for a specific unit, we can manufacture it.

Lockable Cycle & Scooter Racks – This is a product that we manufacture specifically for Whitehill Direct. The units are usually supplied to schools, colleges; leisure centres etc and can be viewed at the Whitehill website www.whitehilldirect.co.uk.

Alfa Romeo Spares – This is a real labour of love due to the owner John's passion for Alfa Romeo. We also run a website www.justsuds.co.uk where we have an on-line shop dedicated to Alfa Romeo parts, specialising in Sud, Sprint and 33.

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